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Introducing a revolutionary free web application for Model United Nations

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6267 committees are using ChairMUN.

What is ChairMUN?

ChairMUN is an program developed for Model United Nations that helps committees keep track of time and moderate debate.

ChairMUN offers a variety of features ranging from statistics displaying the speaking time of every delegate to cloud-save and compatibility functions.

ChairMUN is a web based application that runs on any platform with a browser client, should it be a OSx, Windows, or even iOS/Android device.

ChairMUN allows for the creation of any committee imaginable with the ability to enter custom delegations should you want to start the Ministry of Magic or the Congress of Vienna.

ChairMUN is created with function and utility in mind, and is designed with an intuitive and accessible interface that is customizable.

First developed for conferences based in Vancouver, Canada, ChairMUN is now used by a variety of conferences from around the world.