ChairMUN has been created by students, for students. However with over 10,000 committees and 100,000 delegates, costs for server maintenance and software development have become a serious issue.

We hope to serve the MUN community the best and keep ChairMUN as the most premium debate software. The free version contains all the basic features you need to run a committee for practice.
We appreciate your contribution and it allows us to keep making ChairMUN better with more features!



  • up to 50 delegations
  • email support

Full Suite

on sale $10

$5/2 months

  • up to 250 delegtions
  • custom delegation images/flags
  • custom color themes
  • fast motions entry
  • speaking time statistics
  • notepad


Pay for any number of committees in one go.

This is not a subscription and you will never get recurring charges

After confirming payment, we will email you the receipt and the codes that can be activated with any ChairMUN account.

Once a code is used it will last for 2 months.
You can activate a code whenever you need, they do not expire.

Cost (USD)


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