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How to use ChairMUN

A very quick overview into the general features of ChairMUN


What is ChairMUN?

ChairMUN is a online web application that allows staff members to moderate debate within committee sessions.

What can ChairMUN do that traditional applications like wxMUN can't?

We programmed ChairMUN with the idea of accessibility in mind. As a web app, ChairMUN is compatible with any web browser on almost any laptop, as well as large tablets. Another key point is customization - multiple users can modify themes, logos, colour schemes, and more, to better fit the atmosphere of each committee.

How much does ChairMUN cost?

ChairMUN will be transitioning to a new pricing model in the future to help keep our serves up and provide more features.

Does ChairMUN work offline?

Yes, ChairMUN does still function offline as long as you have the page loaded. The program is generally client side, meaning that the vast majority of tasks are being done by your computer. The drawbacks about being offline include not being able to add in additional delegations, and no save for functions such as statistics, roll call, or theme. To use the program offline for a conference without internet, be sure to enter in all the delegations. Then on the ChairMUN application please right click and press "save as" and save the page as an .htm file. Flags may not load on the offline version. We are currently working on a fully offline version of the program.

What is upcoming in the next release of ChairMUN?

We are actively working on improving ChairMUN as best we can. Some things to watch out for in the next full suite release include: Resolution Paper presentation (Google Docs), Saved Notes/Notes for each individual delegation, Keyboard Shortcuts, and more! Send us feature requests at [email protected].